Saturday, 26 October 2013

My new knitting project!

I have decided to pick up my knitting needles and, instead of experimenting and free-styling, to actually follow a pattern and make my first ever jumper - a hoodie to be exact, for those Winter evenings........
So after an explore of the yarn shops in Salisbury and the internet.....worked out cheaper at Hobby craft, so off we went (we,  being myself and my lovely husband Matthew).
So ..this evening has been relaxing with a film and knitting......
Firstly I had to knit a tension square....and it was spot on! I really like this stitch - very neat and flat. 
Casting on 80 stitches for the back...oops!...started with wrong colour.........start again! Kept losing count too!

Ahhh, right colour ...right number of to change to a different colour yarn.

 Changed colour easily, now to learn Basketweave stitch- I just need to make sure I can count to 4 and make sure that I remember whether I'm knitting or purling! :)

I think that's it for tonight (Matthew has brought pudding and wine!) basket weave square tomorrow and then the rest of the back. Keep checking back to make sure it doesn't get left in my knitting basket!

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