Thursday, 24 December 2015


Decided to make earrings and maybe a pendant set as have already made a bracelet. Will add onto etsy when daylight so I can get decent images.

Chainmaille daisy.

Christmas eve, and the relaxing has commenced. Starting with    finishing off my chainmaille project,started some time ago. Now starting another daisy project with dark green swarovski crystals and silver e-rings. Very complicated and needs lots of light. Enjoying the precision of chainmaille and liking finishing a project in an evening.
Photos a little dark, will take better ones for fb page and Etsy.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Completed sparkly necklace!

Having had an eventful summer with holidays,camps,weddings and classroom redecorating, I have finally finished my beaded rope necklace with added sparkle! Love wearing it in the sunshine as it feels like I'm in a disco when the sun catches the faceted sides. Next project was bead crochet bangles... made on the aeroplane on holiday and by the pool, very relaxing and therapeutic. Hope the recipients like the colours I've chosen.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Making Lanyards out of Paracord

Here's the link to instructions for the lanyard I'm making with the guides to hone their knotting skills.
Changing design slightly as I haven't got the clasp, I think we will do a fisherman's knot instead.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Making frame purse

Up and at 'em this morning as Dr wise owl had to be at why not indulge in the first crafty project!
I love the vintage fabric provided, now I have the template, I could use up lots of scraps and make more for presents and craft fairs.

Will post photos while I work. There may be a delay as I'm also planning to go into my new classroom too. I may blog about things I make there too.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Summer Holidays have crafty challenges await!

Well, I have received lovely crafty presents from my lovely class and have got my craft magazine subscription through the post today, so I think some projects are needed to relax over my Summer holiday. I have decided to give myself a craft challenge to make something each day and post on here so I don't waste a moment when I could be crafting. Please comment and give me challenges too if you have anything that you think I might want to try!

First off will be the vintage purse kit..nice and quick to get my crafty mojo flowing tomorrow.

Tonight has been relaxing and reflecting on the school year, my lovely class and reading the words from parents. God has certainly showed me the pathway He wants me to take and I'm following.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

My First Post of 2015! March!

I can't believe it's really been that long since last blogged. Being a teacher, guider and wife to the lovely Dr Wise Owl...has been full on this year! Now I have some unexpected time off, I will catch up!

I have been crafting, the hoodie is still an ongoing event...some may say a UFO...but I will get there! Whilst at the knitting and Stitching show last Saturday  and purchased yarn and thread of many varieties....I have also been to The Fairground craft centre in Andover, which is brilliant...quaint little craft workshops, a cafe and loads of new ideas and workshops...including Beaker Button....a supplier and maker of Dorset Buttons, which I have been meaning to learn....Photos below. These can be made into bracelets, earrings, brooches....the world is your button! :)

Have also started a patchwork throw, using brushed cotton in hexagons...using the paper method, very soothing and therapeutic after a long day at work and have been learning a technique to make fabric flowers called Kansashi....very beautiful and working out what else I can do with them.

Still continuing with crochet flowers and glass beads...although beads have taken a back seat as the sewing bee has inspired me again to renovate some old clothes....I have made several vintage skirts using charity shop finds just with an elastic waist band.