Wednesday, 19 October 2016

More Wet Felting

At the weekend I was driving down the road marveling at the autumnal colours that were emerging, which inspired me to create a piece of felt using these colours. Picked up a useful tip at a craft show- when rinsing in hot then cold water - wring out and whack it against the bath or sink several times to bring out the texture and to felt it together more. Love the texture it brings out.

Not the best picture but more autumnal colours and using sparkly fibres and wool to enhance.

Blue and purple felt - maybe made into a book cover for a notebook - very thick and textured. Love the way it has curled the purple wool.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Wet Felting

Just in the process of wet felting a small messenger bag... although it might turn into a wall hanging....just love the process of wet felting, it is messier and you have to rinse and work with very hot water....but it feels so much nicer than a needle felted piece. I think I'm preferring needle felting for my more sculptural pieces. Added a piece of my handmade felt onto my calico bag too by applique.  Also, being outin the garden on a quiet Sunday afternoon creating, is bliss.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Summer Holiday and Visual Journalling

Now the Summer holidays are here and this year will be slightly less hectic than last year. with chilled days in Cornwall on our own and a big family holiday at Center Parcs (hate American spelling)...there will be time to reflect and have some creative times.
As I have mentioned before, I am very interested in Art Therapy and have always carried a sketchbook around with me to catch those ideas. 
Visual journaling  has a long history in the field of art therapy, particularly as an approach to assist recovery from trauma or loss and as a form of stress reduction. Carl Jung is often considered to be the art therapy “poster person” for visual journaling because he maintained a regular practice of visual journaling. He generally created small circular drawings that he believed corresponded to his inner feelings and the archetypal realm of the collective unconscious. I particularly like this idea of using old texts and pictures with paint or handmade paper.
From the ever-evolving visual journal of C. Malchiodi © 2016

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Easter holiday projects

At last, time to experiment with all my new crafty things gathered this year. Drop spindle is dliw going but very satisfying when you look and see how much wool I have spun.
My knitting projects are still ongoing, but I would like to put my Easter gifts of the seeing bee books to good use by making the vintage dress (in a day) and other simple outfits. Love the colours and patterns of the vintage prints (although pattern matching will be tricky) but am ready for the challenge!  I have started a needle felted robin for a friend, I hope that will be finished in an evening this week. :)

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Needlefelting workshop

Recently have been on a fab workshop in Salisbury with an artist who owns a lovely workshop space. We made a Bluetit from her instructions. I knew a little about 2d felting and lots about wet felting but taking a sculptural approach was new.
So the next few days after were packed with felting projects. I have finished the bluetit and have designed and made my own hummingbird and sparrow (which has been given as a present to my TA.
Next project is a penguin for a friend. Have lots of ideas for characters in this media.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Work, life balance and being mindful

I know this is a crafty ideas blog, however, my crafting exploits will help me focus. Having had a relaxing Christmas,  the first few weeks of working have been busy, but a welcome relief from events that have been happening. Brownie and rainbow meetings have now started, planning is done for the week, resources being made and collected. Friends have been visiting and the house is tidy, craft room is sorted and three knitting projects unearthed and challenged to get finished.
All this is helping me get over the pain of losing yet another pregnancy and hopefully trying again. Each time getting further and further, each time thinking it's going to be the one. Hoping that the gynaecology clinic will make appointment soon. Still tricky to see pregnant women and not feel jealous but God will say when it is our time.