Sunday, 29 December 2013

Christmas Money spent in The Bead Shop, Nottingham.

 After a very busy morning, we decided to go to Nottingham and .....obviously I needed to restock from our crafty business from the previous a trip to the bead shop was necessary ....(yes, I can hear myself rationalising!)
Very friendly staff and lots of choice! There will be a return visit! :)

Quite excited by my felt beads kit - have made some beaded beads to mix with the felted ones.

Lots of tiny green/blue metallic sheen beads to start my beaded rope projects and blues, black and red to make bead soup so I can make a handle for my beaded bag.

More Post Christmas Crafty things!

 Team Crochet....Abbie helped us to hone our crochet skills with making 'Granny squares'.

 A collaboration of crochet pieces resulting in a rather pretty corsage .. this may pin onto my slouchy hat or my work bag.

(Button still to be stitched on).

Friday, 27 December 2013

A Post Christmas Crafty day!

Today I, along with two lovely friends planned an afternoon or craft activities whilst our husbands played shooty-fighty games on the x box and other board games.

I brought along the flowery earring tutorial and Friday Flowers (Thanks Becs!) which are  fairly simple projects. We only had time (and eyesight!) to do the flowery earrings but had some amazing results by just changing the type of bead (see photos).Needless to say, Abbie is now hooked on beading and now has the start of her 'stash'...a Matchmakers box with her spiral chenille stitch rope for her lovely pendant and the web address for Stitch 'n'craft...Another beader is born! :)

Andrea's creation.......we got there in the end, a true beader never gives up when the thread breaks! :)

Abbie's creation - a change of bead can make it into a completely different project. 

Another beader is born.........Abbie has has very first bead box......this is how it begins! :)