Friday, 20 September 2013

Crochet flowers for a poorly duvet day on the sofa.


My crochet hooks and my wool bag came out today as I was looking for something that was a simple 'no brain' craft to do that didn't give me a headache. What to do with my creations? Hair slides? adornment for shoes/bags? Great for using up scraps of wool !

Some quick instructions to come later in daylight!

Use any size hook or wool!

1. Make a slip stitch
2. Chain 5 stitches
3. Slip stitch into the first stich to make a loop
4. Chain 5 stitches
5. Slip stitch  into the loop - count 3 along.
6. Repeat instruction 2-5 until you get back to the beginning.
7. Remember to keep your work taut as you go.
8. Sew in the loose ends to keep them neat and sew onto your bags, jumpers, shoes, etc.

I might sew or glue a button in the middle and put on my bag. Maybe loads of different coloured flowers to make a picture and sewnn onto canvas.

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